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July product of the month – Beauty Sleep Concentrate

People often ask me which is my favourite Neal’s Yard product and that’s a very difficult one to answer.  You see it changes with the season or when I try something new or when I rediscover something I haven’t used for a while.

I should, however, be able to narrow it down to just one product a month!  This product will be available to test in my treatment room, so please ask if you’re having a treatment and I’ll also be doing a quick review in my monthly newsletter and a slightly longer one here on my blog.

Image of Beauty sleep concentrate bottle on pillow

With shorter nights during the summer, every moment of sleep counts and this little beauty (no pun intended) is a double hit.

The blend of ylang ylang, orange, clary sage and patchouli oils within help evoke a feeling of peace and well-being.  The aromatherapy of these oils creates space in the mind which allows for a restful and restorative nights sleep.

The light, serum-like moisturiser contains narcissus bulb and grapeseed oil which naturally help to lock moisture into the skin without leaving a heavy or greasy feeling.  You can read more about it on the Neal’s Yard website here.

Apply 2-4 pumps after your evening cleansing routine (whatever that may be) and you can use after a serum or just on it’s own.  I find that at this time of year two pumps is sufficient to cover the face and leave my skin fresh and hydrated in the morning.  Don’t forget to hold your hands up to your face after you’ve applied it and breath in slowly and deeply to get the maximum effect of the aromatherapy benefits.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about the products I feature so please feel free to leave comments below, but I’d also love to hear about your favourites so do get in touch and if you send a photo then I may feature it and send you a little thank you present.

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Holistic Pamper Day – 12th May 2018

Love yourself before Summer

To book appointments please go to the end of this post

So what does that actually mean?  Well, in November last year I held my first open day to showcase the Neal’s Yard Christmas gift collection.  But the day developed into much more than that, I brought together like-minded therapists who were each able to offer the visitors something different.  They gave the visitors a chance to relax,  unwind and pay themselves some much-needed love and attention in the busy run-up to Christmas.  Hence the name of the last day – Love yourself before Christmas.

In May, I’m picking the best of the Neal’s Yard products to help prep the skin and body for showing it off in the summer – so exfoliation, toning and detoxifying are the main themes.

I’m a convert to learning to love yourself.  What I’ve learned, is that if you can love yourself, you can then learn to love everything and everyone around you – which begins to make even the most difficult people and situations easier to cope with.  But sometimes we need a little boost, a little something to make us feel a bit better first – whether that’s a treatment or guidance, a Neal’s Yard blue bottle to take home and pamper yourself with or a chat and a piece of cake – I hope you’ll find something to help your loving journey at this Love yourself before Summer holistic pamper day.

This time our therapists are offering 30 minute taster treatments for just £12:

≈ Revitalising facials with Dee from Anja Aesthetics
≈ Hot stone massages with Maggie
≈ Chakra balancing
≈ Reiki
≈ Tarot
≈ Ready to bare it all foot pamper
A selection of crystals and Neal’s Yard products will be on sale on the day and of course there will be tea and homemade cakes to refresh and ground you after your treatments.
Whilst we don’t charge for the refreshments perhaps you would be kind enough to make a donation to support BEDFORD DAYCARE HOSPICE.
The event is FREE to attend but if you would like a treatment it may be advisable to book in advance by messaging me through the website or contacting me on 07779 088281, medulla1111@btinternet.com
You can also let me know you’re coming by showing me on the Facebook page or the Eventbrite site.
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Frankincense love

I love Neal’s Yard products, that much is obvious to anyone I talk to about them and it’s why I became a consultant in the first place.  It’s not because I’m a skincare therapist or beautician but because I have always loved skincare and beauty products.

In recent years I have become more and more concerned about the contents of many high street beauty and skincare products.  When I was a teenager we were concerned about animal testing but these days we’ve also become aware of the chemicals that are used in the most basic of face creams.  I don’t like the idea of putting petro-chemicals on my skin – the fastest absorbing part of our body. But I do want to feel good and look after my skin – oh, and if it happens to smell divine too – I’m sold.

I’m sure over the coming months I will write several blog posts on the different Neal’s Yard products that I love but thought I’d start with one of our largest and most popular ranges.  Why start with one product when you can cover a whole range!!

frankincense 2

I had obviously heard of Frankincense and liked it as an essential oil in a burner and thehydrating crm resin in natural incense but had no idea of its incredible properties.  It wasn’t until I joined NYRO and discovered the jar of Frankincense Hydrating cream in my starter kit that I really began to appreciate it.  That summer I took that small jar of cream on our many camping trips as my one-stop go-to cream for everything – face, body, hands etc.  It smelt beautiful and went a very, very long way – that jar lasted me a good year.  And it had great moisturising properties – otherwise I would not have carried on using it.

After that I was hooked and my collection now includes the cleanser, eau de parfum, facial mist, frankincense and mandarin body lotion and the newest most indulgent addition is the Frankincense Intense Concentrate.  I bought some sample sachets of this new product for sample baglets or to pop in with customer orders and of course, had to try one myself.

Just a side line here without getting scientific or salesy, but I found the explanation on how they discovered the new active ingredient in the Intense range really interesting and inspiring so here is a link if you’re interested in reading it for yourself.

Like most people I have doubted the claims of creams to tighten and firm the skin, or certainly to an extent that was actually noticeable.  However I have a tried a few things over the years that have convinced me there is something in some of the ingredients.  Now I’m an advocate of growing old gracefully, I would never consider surgery and botox injections.  But if there is something out there that is natural and will help tighten up the areas I’m noticing are becoming a little saggy (I really want to put a tearful emoticon in here)……………  Well, I ask for help from the Universe and Mother Nature in others areas of life – why not this one?

So, I tried the new Intense Concentrate sample sachet – (you’ll get two (mint concaybe three) applications) and I noticed a difference within an hour or so.  Yes, REALLY!!  Of course it didn’t last more than a few hours – but nice for a special occasion or when I want a pep-me-up.

I then tried it for a whole week – morning and night – by the way, did I mention how good this little treasure smells?  Slightly spicy, woody, a little background citrus and delicate floral all rolled in to one – how can it have all those notes?  I don’t know, I’m not an expert but I do smell all these and I do love it.  It’s like a serum in texture, quite silky and not at all greasy but also spreads really easily.  I digress – well after a week the tightened, brightened skin was more noticeable and lasted longer than the one off test had done – result!  And although others might not know why I looked different, people did comment on how well I looked at this time – double result!!


However it’s not the cheapest product in the Neal’s Yard arsenal and I hope I’m not saggy enough to need that lift continuously yet.  So I have decided to keep it for when I really need it – those days when I want to feel extra good or confident.  So I might use it as a one off or for a few days leading up to something special, but all products have a shelf life and I don’t want to waste this so I am using it – it will not go to waste.  It doesn’t matter whether others notice it or not – I will know and I will feel special when I use it.