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My goal is to help you, to guide you through your journey to peace, restoration, and healing yourself.

Medulla is a safe, welcoming environment, where I offer Reiki treatments, Guided Meditation and more. You can find out more about each aspect of my work by exploring the Services page to discover the full range of treatments, events and programmes I offer.

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Anne was so professional.  Mum and daughter consultations could have presented problems, I felt none. You explained everything so well and I sooo enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to the next one.  I felt no after effects, other than a great feeling of well being.

My Mum after a Reflexology treatment

I think that Anne’s Reiki sessions are very relaxing and calming.  Anne is also very easy to talk to and get on with. I’ve really enjoyed my sessions so far and think they are amazing.

Amelie – aged 9