What is Reiki?

Reiki can be translated to mean spiritual life energy, or universal life energy. From the Japanese words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’, it is both the energy itself and the use of that energy for healing.   This energy is often referred to as ‘Chi’ in Chinese medicine or ‘Prana’ in yogic tradition, it flows through all living things and is vital to the well-being of all.

Treatment received from a Reiki practitioner can be ‘hands-on’, applying hands to the body to focus the energy, or ‘hands-off’ simply placing the hands close to the body, directing the energy without the need to touch.   The hands of the practitioner will be still in each position and no pressure, manipulation or massage is used.  The sensation can be experienced as warmth, as tingling, as a multi-sensory experience with colours and scents, as a meditative journey through vivid imagery, or simply as a sense of peace and deep relaxation.

During or after a Reiki treatment you may feel somewhat emotional as blockages and old patterns in the energy channels are cleared or broken down.  Emotional can sometimes mean tearful but equally it can also mean laughter and a sense of release.  After the treatment it can sometimes feel as if something has shifted in your awareness, a clarification of the underlying cause of the problems you have been suffering.

Reiki treatments often lead you to a deeply relaxed, sometimes meditative state, and Reiki energy is known to awaken the natural healing processes in our bodies. This not only helps to improve emotional and spiritual health levels, but in turn can have a positive impact on physical health too.

Reiki and Stress Relief

Known to reduce stress, aid relaxation, and improve your body’s ability to self-heal, Reiki connects you to a state of calm which is vital for your body’s natural healing processes to work effectively. Stress has a terribly negative impact on your health – not only mentally, but physically; damaging your immune system, your digestive system, your stamina and concentration, and the long-term impact of this damage is significant. Reiki can re-connect you to the peace and recovery your body and mind need to thrive, improving your overall wellbeing and health.

This sense of overall improved well-being and health is what I, as a Reiki practitioner, work to bring to you.   Regular Reiki treatments promote a calmer response to life’s challenges and a healthier, more relaxed you.

Reiki can be used alongside conventional healthcare but should be seen as a complement not an alternative.  It is important therefore, to ensure that you consult your GP about urgent, acute or infectious conditions.

Reiki doesn’t just aid your body – your physical health – it works to heal the mind and spirit – your emotional health and your inner self.

Healing or Curing?

It’s important to note that healing doesn’t necessarily mean curing.  We understand curing to be eradication of an illness.  Whilst healing may mean this, it could also mean coming to terms with and learning to deal with that illness or generally bringing wellness to any or all parts of your being.

Healing works on many levels and is a necessary and important part of your holistic wellbeing – your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition.

  • Physical – while in Western terms this is often interpreted as entirely eradicating an illness.  In Reiki it means addressing the emotional, mental or spiritual issues which have resulted in the physical illness/injury, therefore giving the body the energy it requires to let go of the physical symptom.
  • Emotional – it is important to calm your fears and help you to accept the physical and emotional effects of illness. This acceptance will alleviate stress and help you to live your life, even if it is a changed life, with more freedom. Reiki can also help you to come to terms with a loss, a bereavement, or letting go of harmful and destructive emotions such as anger or jealousy.
  • Mental – the letting go of stress and anxiety, an ability to relax and feel peace, and freeing yourself from negative thought patterns or prejudices that could hold you back from the life you want and deserve.
  • Spiritual – Reiki can lead you to forgiveness. To being able to forgive yourself, love yourself, accept yourself exactly as you are. Reiki helps to improve your connection to your true, inner self, increases self-esteem, and helps you to live a more creative, expressive life, and to understand your place in the world, as part of the world. Reiki can also be beneficial when someone is reaching the end of their lives, supporting a peaceful transition into death.

Overall, the gentle energy directed by a Reiki practitioner can be a powerful tool which aids a connection to who and what we are, what we can achieve, how we can nurture ourselves and those around us, and how to be the best self that we are capable of being.

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