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Protocol for clients to ensure safer treatments

Updated April 2021

Following the announcement by the Government on Monday 5th April 2021, We are delighted that Medulla Holistic Therapies can start seeing clients face to face again for hands on treatments. picture of feet receiving reflexology This protocol for safer treatments sets out how we can do it.

And so we return to hands-on treatments again after yet another lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus, however the virus and COVID-19 has not gone away.  Obviously keeping you and us safe is of paramount importance and so there will be some changes to the way appointments and treatments are carried out.

Our protocol for safer treatments will include reduced chat time and increased PPE as well as a health questionnaire before each and every appointment.  I will ask you to not attend your appointment if you or any of your household have any of the COVID-19 symptoms, to wear your own face covering and put it on before entering the house and to take care not to touch anything before you enter the treatment room as a way of protecting us all.

Please read through this protocol which is based on guidance received from the Government, my insurers and governing bodies.

I have also created a document showing my risk assessment and the commitments I am undertaking to ensure the room, equipment and the treatment are as safe as they can be.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Please do not come if you or a member of your household has any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

(There will be no cancellation fee in this instance).

You must complete the health questions on the day of your appointment.

I will call you or text to you with these questions prior to each appointment.

Please put on your face covering before you come into the house.
Allow me to spray your hands with sanitiser and take your temperature as you arrive.

I will be using Neal’s Yard Hand Defence (min. 70% alcohol and anti-bacterial essential oils)

Please try not to touch anything before you get in the treatment room.

Doors, kitchen surfaces or furniture – this is our home.

Please do not bring anything into the house.

No bag, no phone, no coat.

Where possible the consultation parts of your appointment will be carried out in the garden.

Or if this has to be done indoors will be much shorter.

You will be asked to leave shoes and keys in a box by the door.

I will lock the door as usual for security.

Where possible please try to avoid using our bathroom.

Please go before you leave home.

Leave your diary/phone in the car.

We can arrange your next appointment in the car park or over the phone.

Wheel of the Year

Celebrate the Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox marks two important milestones in the Wheel of the Year. It is the end of harvest and the balance between light and dark – equal day and night.

It is a time of celebration as we give thanks for all that we have grown and reaped this year. We give one last push to bring in the last of the harvest from our fruit and veg, whether that is in our gardens, foraging the hedgerow or the farmers bringing in the last of the grains. As gardeners we might reflect on what grew well this year and what changes we make for next year, we might also start planning our growing for next year, nuturing small plants in a greenhouse over the winter.

It’s also a busy time making and preserving to keep the fruit and vegetables edible over the winter – chutneys and jams, cakes and stewed fruit. I find there is never enough time in the day for all the making I want to do with the wonderful things we grow or forage.

The inner work

But ‘grown and reaped’ is not only about produce but about our own development too. What have we learned? How have we grown? What goals have we achieved? A time to reflect, to put in the last bit of effort to reach our goals, to finish things off and tie up loose ends.

The end of September also marks the end of summer as the sun retreats, the days are noticably shorter and cooler. The earth pulls in on itself and all growth stops, sap returns to the roots and the leaves begin to turn. This gives us a chance to reflect on the opposite forces in our lives – celebrate the successes but also clear out the things that haven’t been so successful. Learning from them then letting them go either physically or emotionally, letting go of things that are no longer relevant in your life. Enjoying the gifts and clearing away the unwanted!

So take time this Autumn Equinox to celebrate and express gratitude for everything you have received and learned in this growing cycle. And balance this with a reflective and considered clearing away of the old growth and incomplete projects. Then be ready to rest over the winter ready to pick up again or start new projects next year.


Thoughtfully chosen Christmas presents

I know it’s only September, but some of you like to get organised with our Christmas presents. I love to see the different offerings come out at the time of year as I start to plan what I will purchase for those I love.

Neal’s Yard Remedies have launched a range that just makes me feel warm and loving and I hope you will love it too. It’s quite different to previous years and is a much more practical range – with that gorgeous hint of blue luxury!

NYR have listened when customers say they want the smaller gift sets and have seen how much you have all enjoyed the ‘collections’ throughout the year with great savings on favourite products. This year they share our ‘pick of the best’ for you to give to your friends, family or of course, stock up for yourself. I already have my eye on the Dry Skin Dream Team as I use those three products, particularly over the winter months.

If you would like to start your own preparations or just want a sneak peak then click the link here for the gift sets or here for the ‘pick of the best’. You can order through the website or by contacting me directly.

Let me help you find the right gift

I realise that I am obsessed by Neal’s Yard Remedies and know exactly what all these items are in the ‘pick of the best’ list. So if you have any questions or would like some help finding the right Christmas present (or birthday/thank you teacher/get well soon/just because presents) then please do get in touch with me. I’m more than happy to chat on the phone, on zoom or in person to find out about the person from you so that we can pick the right gift.

This is the inside of each of the gorgeous gift boxes. I love these beautiful images.

My contact details are all on this page or you can just drop me an email


Pop Up Market returns

Our line up of stalls for our Pop up Market on 12th June:

Anne – Medulla Holistic Therapies including Neal’s Yard Remedies

Sally – Sally Day Stationery and Gifts

Joy – Joy Davies Crystals 

Sarah – Piccadilly Lily jewellery

Jo – Moochimoo clothing

And joining us this year…

Anne-Marie – Gift it 2

Hayley – The Refill Van

Sofia – The Old Chapel Cake Company

Jan – Honey Cottage, Thurleigh – local honey (you will see her bees on our flowers in the garden – that’s how local!)

A few things we need to consider please, to reduce the spread of COVID:

  • Book a morning or afternoon shopping session by clicking the button below
  • Please use the hand sanitiser on the gate and on individual stalls if they have it
  • Don’t forget to let us have your details for track and trace (destroyed after 12 days)
  • Follow the one-way system around the garden and stalls (please don’t double back) – you can go round as many times as you need to
  • Please use the hand sanitiser on the gate and on individual stalls if they have it
  • Enjoy – this is a wonderful chance to get together, enjoy the sunshine and support some local businesses.  Thank you

We look forward to welcoming you to our Pop Up Market.

The Team xx

Lifestyle, Meditation

Join our meditation circle online.

Our online meditation circle meets every Thursday at 7pm on Zoom

I lead a guided meditation for about half an hour, sharing exercises, techniques and journeys to help you find your own way with meditation and hopefully help you to build your own practice.

I ask for an exchange of £5 per week (or £20 per month if you are a regular attender)

Some come every week, others just when they need it.  Some have other commitments and so book with me in advance and I send the recording of the session to them afterwards.

I record each session but after I have stopped recording we often stay online and chat about our practice and whatever else comes from where the conversation takes us…….

How it works.

  • I send out a weekly reminder email
  • Reply to this email or click the button in the email to let me know you are interested that week
  • I will confirm and send you payment details
  • You will receive an email an hour or so before the circle with a link to join on Zoom.  It is very simple to join!

If you would like to join this week then please complete the form below and I will be in touch.  You can also complete the form below to go onto the reminder list if you can’t make it this week.


Please note that by completing above form you will be signing up to join my mailing list.  I send out weekly reminders for the meditation session and a monthly newsletter.  You can unsubscribe at any time.