My name is Anne and I am an Holistic Therapist who discovered all things spiritual in my late thirties after a life-changing experience.  At about this time I was introduced to yoga and through yoga, to meditation.


I suddenly met people who could teach me the things I had always wanted to know (but didn’t actually realise I did). Through a close friend I met my Reiki Master and through her I have been introduced to many others who have lit my journey with love.

The new direction in my life took me to discover a social group where I met two ladies, who have not only become such close friends and partners in fun, but also teachers, mentors and at times counsellors too. They have shown me the endless possibilities that I am capable of, introduced me to ideas and teachings that have changed my life and outlook on it.

The biggest lesson I learnt was that EVERYTHING happens for a reason – good, bad, huge or seemingly minor.


We still have to live in this commercial, frenetic, high-information world; but we can learn to do so in our own way, a way that is kind to ourselves, our planet and the others that share it with us.  Meditation can help us to find that way and focus on living that way and Reiki can help us heal the things that get in the way (amongst its other benefits).  Reflexology can bring balance to the body, mind and spirit; and aromatherapy adds extra layers of support to all of these.

Whether you are looking for a little down-time to help you deal with life more easily or  you are on a spiritual path, together we can help you find what you need at this moment in time and share this part of the journey with you.