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I love Neal’s Yard Remedies with a passion.  I have always been fascinated by the blue bottles and the delicious smells.  I joined as an Independent Consultant for the marvellous discount on the items I wanted to purchase but the more I learned about the ethics of the Neal’s Yard company, about the harm harsh chemicals do to our skin and bodies and the beautiful  organic plant products and essential oils that go in to making the products, the more I wanted to share this with……..the world – well, you really!

As NYRO say ” To encourage a more natural, holistic way of health, beauty and wellbeing and to make our world a purer place by bringing NYR products into every home – one blue bottle at a time!”

Do you like Neal’s Yard products too?

I could write pages and pages about these gorgeous products but why not let me come and show you in person?  Invite a few friends round, put the kettle on (or open a bottle) and I’ll bring round a basket of samples that we can ‘play’ with.  As the host you will receive a free facial or foot pamper as well as other exclusive gifts and treats.

Party table set up NYRO
Party table set up NYRO

If that’s not for you then you can contact me directly or through my online shop to place an order.

If you too like the sound of the discount or would like to earn some extra money then you could become a consultant like me.

Home grown in Dorset - NYRO

Home grown in Dorset – NYRO