Reiki Courses

The decision to learn Reiki is often taken out of our hands by an inner sense that it is ‘just something we need to do’.  Whatever your reason for looking into Reiki courses, you come to it because it is likely you are going through a period of transformation in your life.  Maybe you feel the need to help yourself or others, or maybe you have had one or more treatments and would like more of it in your own life.

Reiki is so much more than just an ancient Japanese healing system and there is definitely a place for it in our modern lives.  It gives us a chance to work with and to understand the changes in our life and the emotions that go with them, you may have realised by now that Reiki has found you rather than you finding Reiki.

It is important that you have an affinity with your Reiki Master (teacher) and so if you contact me about booking a course I will suggest that we at least talk on the phone first before making any commitment on your part.  You can find out about me and my journey here.

Reiki Courses

The learning is Reiki is split into three levels, with each level teaching you new aspects of Reiki as well as giving you space to get used to and to grow within Reiki:

First Degree Reiki

Second Degree Reiki

Master/Teacher Reiki

First Degree Reiki or Level 1

The First Degree of Reiki gives you an introduction to this gentle healing practice and way of being.  At this stage you will learn the history of Reiki and its Japanese origins and you will learn how it is as much about personal and spiritual development as it is about healing.

This level will teach you how to use Reiki as a self-healing tool, not just to be used when you are under the weather but, if Reiki is adopted as part of your regular routine, it can be as beneficial as healthful food and regular exercise.

The course will be held over two days during which you will receive four attunements.  You will be expected to complete a 21 day diary after your attunements and to complete case studies.  There is also a further two hour session to discuss your experiences and award you with your certificate.

Exchange: £150

Next course 18th and 20th February 2023. Please book using the form below.

Second Degree Reiki or Level 2

Minimum six months after Reiki 1 attunements

In this stage of Reiki you will take your understanding and connection with the energy to another level.  Two further attunements will open the channels and allow more energy to flow for the benefit of yourself and others.  In this level you will also be introduced to three of the sacred symbols and given instruction on distance Reiki to allow you to send this energy healing across short or longer distances.

The course will be held over two days and will include discussion, meditations, practical uses of Reiki and attunements.

As with First Degree, you will be expected to complete a diary of your attunements and your 21 day development period.  You will also be expected to complete case studies and attend a further two hour session to discuss your experiences and award you with your certificate.

Exchange: £250