Would you like to learn Reiki?

I love teaching Reiki and the way the new practitioners experience the first tingle, sharing the deep inner calm that practicing Reiki brings us and to watch the transformation of my students as they embrace the meditations and practices.

Reiki is taught over three levels or degrees and I will be teaching level 1 to a new group of students.  Would you like to be amongst them?  Are you ready for something gentle yet deep that will bring about lasting, positive change in your life.  Don’t feel you will need to become a practitioner overnight – most people don’t and level 1 is mostly concerned with self Reiki and our own inner growth.  You will learn how to do Reiki on your family and friends but are encouraged to look after yourself with Reiki first.  

You can find out about Reiki here or about the UK Reiki Federation with whom I’m registered.

Reiki Level 1 is taught over two days for an exchange of £150. During those two days you will learn about the history of Reiki, the ways it can help you and others, how to do Reiki and a basic understanding of the energetic bodies. As a group you will form a bond with your fellow students as we meditate together, receive the attunements in ceremony together and practice on each other, as well as sharing our experiences.

This course is suitable for those who have never experienced Reiki or those who have had many treatments. It is also suitable as a refresher for those who received their Level 1 attunements some time ago and are wishing to progress on to Level 2.

The first course will be in March on 22nd and 29th (this is subject to change dependant on availability of attendees so please don’t be put off if you can’t make these dates). Leave me your details below and we can begin your own Reiki journey.

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