Why Medulla?

People often ask me why I called my business MEDULLA.

When I was choosing a name, I wanted a word that meant healing and I love languages so I spent a long time trawling dictionaries and the internet to find the right connotation of the word healing.  Of course, it couldn’t just be quick-fix-with-medicines type healing!

Eventually I came across a Latin word for healing (they had several apparently!) that meant healing by the mind, effectively – thinking yourself well.  But this word – Medulla – also means ‘innermost parts’, think pip or kernel in plants and inner self/soul/spirit in humans.

This is exactly the word I was looking for because at the centre of all my therapies and teaching is the fact that healing comes from within.  It is our strength of thought, our mindset and our belief systems that can heal or otherwise.  Healing isn’t just about sticking a plaster on or masking the pain with analgesics, to me it’s far more about finding the underlying causes.  These causes are very often emotional and to we need to do the inner work to begin the physical healing process.

Reiki and meditation particularly, are very good at helping us to see, release or accept the emotions we feel.  They can also help us come to terms with situations that are sent our way and that may be beyond our control.  Sometimes we need to see

the lessons we need to learn and make changes as part of our healing too.  It often isn’t easy but the results are usually transformational! 

That’s the best part of my work; helping and guiding people through the tough stuff and watching them shine as they come out brighter, healthier and happier at the other end.

Medulla – healing from within.

If you would like to talk to me about how this might help you or just find out more then please PM me or email me at anne@medulla.space and we can set up a phone call.

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