Mourning our late Queen

The Queen has been a constant in most of our lives, for all of our lives. Like the seasons and breathing, we took her for granted. Like the Lake District and the River Thames, we knew she was always there, and typically British, even though we didn’t see her every day.

I admired her duty or work ethic, her calm, no-nonsense attitude and her sense of humour But also her ability to carve out time for herself – her summers in Balmoral and the anniversary of her father’s death spent at Sandringham. These times were set in stone for her and whilst she did plenty of work during these periods, I think it showed that the Queen realised you can only be effective in your role if you take time to rest and do things that you enjoy.

My own personal memories of the Queen are of her two visits to Bedford, I was lucky enough to see her on both occasions! In 1976 (I was just 4 but I do remember seeing her) she visited a nursing home in Putnoe and Mum took me along. And in 1996 when she walked down Harpur Street, before opening the new Cygnet Wing, and timed it perfectly to coincide with my lunch break, thank you ma’am.

The Queen visits Bedford in 1996 – I was in that crowd somewhere!

She will be sorely missed and my heart goes to her family at this time. For many of us who have lost loved ones it will bring reminders of their passing and of our grief at that time. I hope this encourages the nation to support the Royal family during their grief and the new King in his difficult transition. In my small way, I am sending love and Reiki, and if we can all do this I believe it will help King Charles, his family and the nation over the next few days, weeks and months.

If you are feeling sadness for the loss of the Queen or of a loved one closer to home, then I invite you to feel into your grief rather than bottling it up. Tears, sadness and reflectiveness are part of the healing process and as the Queen once said, “it’s the price we pay for love”. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself a little time to grieve if you need to.

As a mark of respect, Medulla Holistic Therapies will be closed on Monday 19th September.

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