Accessing prescription aromatherapy couldn’t be easier.

So now that you’ve read all about Your Medulla and how I create a blend especially for your following our consultation, and then make it up into a formula that you can use at enjoy at home, you’ll want to know how to access it.

Whilst prescription aromatherapy can be added to either Reiki or reflexology, it can also be taken as a stand alone treatment and I’ve created three packages to allow you to try it or to immerse yourself fully in this beautiful healing process.

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The Consultation

Every package includes a video consultation. This is where I can get to know you a little – your medical history, your lifestyle, what you are looking to change and of course, how you would like the treatment to help you feel.

Aromatherapy can work on all levels of our body – physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual, so we can create a blend to help your aches and pains, digestive, respiratory or hormonal upsets and well as mental or emotional imbalances and so much more. We look at what you feel is out of balance and then how you would like it to be different.

We’ll talk about aromas that you like or don’t like (we want this to be something you love picking up and using!). I’ll discuss essential oils I feel may help you and talk about how they might smell when blended together. Then we can decide which formula will best suit your needs and your lifestyle. After the video call, I will make up your blend and your formula and post it to you free of charge.

The Starter Package £30

The Starter Package is perfect if you are new to aromatherapy or holistic therapies in general, it’s a great way to begin to understand how powerful aromatherapy treatment can be and how it can work for your body.

We will have our mutually convenient video consultation and I will then create ONE formula for you to your prescription, then post it to you. It’s as simple as that!

In this package you will be able to choose one of the following for your formula. An aromastick, a spray or a cream (for hand or body).

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The Discovery Package £65

If you’ve loved your formula from the Starter Package or you are already aware of how powerful aromatherapy can be, then this is your next step.

With this package you will discover the different ways in which aromatherapy can help you with THREE different formula.

We’ll start with your video consultation, then you’ll get to choose THREE formula from the full range aromastick, spray, large cream, essential oil blend, rollerball bottle or massage oil.

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The Immersive Package £90

Now you’re ready to immerse yourself in aromatherapy healing and allow it into every part of your life.

The Immersive package has the same video consultation and THREE formulae as the Discovery package but then continues with a follow up consultation and ONE further formula. This will either be an exact repeat or an amended blend from your first three products.

This package is for you if you already know how effective aromatherapy can be and would like the re-assurance of the follow up consultation.